Vessel attacked by pirates at Nigeria, 10 crew kidnapped

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25 October, 2021 2 Views


Greek bulk carrier SKYLIGHT was attacked by pirates in Bight of Biafra, Nigeria, at around 0900 UTC Dec 14, in vicinity 03 47N 006 19E, 38 nm south of Brass. Bulk carrier was under pirates control for about an hour, they kidnapped 10 crew and fled. Understood senior officers including Master were among kidnapped. The rest of the crew took the vessel to Port Harcourt. SKYLIGHT was en route from Lagos to Port Harcourt. As of Dec 18, bulk carrier was still at Port Harcourt. Nationalities of kidnapped crew unknown, high probability of Indian, Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian seamen being among those kidnapped. Understood those remaining on board weren’t injured during an attack.

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