Two tankers attacked including Aframax, both hit, both on fire

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5 December, 2021 2 Views


Crude oil tanker FRONT ALTAIR with cargo of crude, en route from Al Ruways UAE to Taiwan, and chemical tanker KOKUKA COURAGEUS with cargo of methanol, en route from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, caught fire after reportedly, being attacked in Gulf of Oman, in roughly the same area in vicinity 25 20N 057 30E, see pic. Both tankers were under way, what exactly hit them is yet unknown, though some sources mention torpedoes. FRONT ALTAIR was attacked at around 0230 UTC, KOKUKA COURAGEUS was attacked some 3 hours later at around 0600 UTC.
Reportedly crews of both tankers abandoned ships and were picked up by nearby merchant ships. As of 1610 UTC Jun 13 both ships were drifting, but their AIS were still on, meaning that fire didn’t destroy or damage superstructure and bridge.

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