Tanker on Fujairah Anchorage damaged

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18 October, 2021 2 Views


Product tanker ANDREA VICTORY suffered hole in aft tank after an unknown object hit tanker on May 12, said tanker’s management company Thome Ship Management in May 13 statement. Media outlets said “… hull of a Norwegian-registered product tanker was damaged by an unknown object off the coast of the United Arab Emirates port of Fujairah on Sunday…”. Tanker wasn’t “off the coast of Fujairah”, actually. Tanker was anchored on Fujairah Anchorage, not far from allegedly, damaged in “sabotage act” Aframax tanker AL MARZOQAH. ANDREA VICTORY arrived on Fujairah Anchorage on May 11. Is ANDREA VICTORYdamage related to so-called “act of sabotage”, which hit at least 4 tankers on Fujairah Anchorage, or is it unrelated accident, is yet unknown, though probably, it is related, because anchored ship can’t collide with unknown object and sustain hull breach, such ship should be hit by an object, to be damaged.

Norwegian tanker on Fujairah Anchorage damaged, circumstances unclear VIDEO

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