Tanker lost lifeboat with two crew in the Atlantic

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25 October, 2021 2 Views


Tanker CHEMTRANS NOVA lost lifeboat with two people in it at around 1830 UTC Feb 6 some 75 nm SE of Delaware Bay, Atlantic. Two crew, both said to be engineers, were carrying out maintenance in lifeboat when it suddenly broke free and fell into water. US Coast Guard was called, USCG Cutter RELIANCE luckily, happened to be nearby, and rescued both seamen – one was picked up from water, another from lifeboat. Both sustained injures, including lacerated stomach and broken leg, said USCG in a statement. Helicopter was called, both seamen were transferred to Norfolk Hospital. Tanker continued her voyage, after some 5 hours break. She’s en route from Marcus Hook to Bahamas.

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