Tanker Explosion at Belawai Anchorage, Malaysia

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বিশেষ প্রতিনিধি

7 December, 2021 3 Views


Product tanker DONGFANG GLORY suffered explosion and fire in cargo tank in the morning Mar 13, while undergoing reportedly, maintenance repairs at Belawai Anchorage, Tanjung Manis, northwestern Kalimantan, Malaysia. Two dock workers and tanker’s Captain were injured, while Captain’s face was said to be slightly injured, dockers suffered serious injures, probably burns. Tanker understood to be in ballast, and most probably, wielding works in or near cargo tanks caused gas blast, meaning that tank or tanks weren’t properly degasified. Fire was extinguished by crew even before firefighters arrived, said local outlets. Judging from photos, tanker sustained heavy damages.

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