Tanker and tug with barge grounded by storm, Japan


Pusher tug MATSUSHO MARU with barge MATSUSHO at 0230 Tokyo time Mar 1 was pushed aground on Kichi Prefecture coast in Wakayama area, Shikoku Island, by a strong storm which battered southwestern Honshu and Shikoku. Barge is loaded with general cargo.
At around 0700 Tokyo time Mar 1 LPG tanker QEM STAR was pushed aground at Takasago port entrance, Honshu, Inner Japan sea. Tanker is in ballast.
Pusher tug MATSUSHO MARU 7 crew were airlifted to safety by CG helicopter, while 16 Filipino crew of tanker remained on board, there’s no danger of tanker’s sinking.


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