Ship sank in East China sea UPDATE 8 missing

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20 October, 2021 2 Views


Jan 30: In initial news based on Taiwanese sources it was said, that Taiwanese rescuers and Navy were deployed in SAR, understood all 10 crew rescued. On Jan 30, however, both Chinese and Taiwanese media said SAR is a joint operation carried out by Chinese and Taiwanese forces.
The number of crew on sunk ship is unclear, Taiwanese sources mention 10, Chinese sources mention 11 people. Latest news said two crew, including one Taiwanese and one Indonesian, were rescued, eight remain missing, SAR still going on.

Initial news published on Jan 29
The ship with cargo of sugar was en route from Taichung Taiwan to South Korea, she sank some 80 nm northwest of Taipei, somewhere halfway between northern Taiwan and Wenzhou, China.
Cargo ship JIAN HONG 1 issued distress signal at night local time Jan 28, some 80 nm north of Taipei, Taiwan, East China sea. Taiwanese rescuers and military were alerted at 2203 LT, and sent helicopters to sinking ship. All 10 crew were rescued, among them 1 Chinese nationality, 5 Indonesians and 4 Myanmar. Understood but not confirmed the ship sank. Latest available AIS dated Jan 27, the ship left Taichung Taiwan and was sailing north along northwest Taiwan coast.

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