LPG tanker struck Korean fishing boat, 3 dead and 2 missing

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বিশেষ প্রতিনিধি

25 September, 2022


Korean fishing boat collided with LPG tanker which claimed 3 lives and left 2 missing, while 9 people were rescued. Fishing boat collided with unidentified cargo shop some 40 nm south of Yokji Island, Tongyeong, Korea, East China sea, at around 0500 Seoul time Jan 11. There was a lot of confusion with regards to cargo ship, it wasn’t even clear if the ship in question collided with fishing boat, or was the first to inform authorities, and to take part in rescue. But by evening, the main suspect was identified as LPG tanker KOETA, en route from Ulsan Korea to China. Filipino officer was on watch, he is to be interrogated, together with Master, after the ship arrives at Tongyeong for investigation.

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