LPG tanker and Aframax tanker collided in Singapore Strait

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18 October, 2021 2 Views


Reportedly part of CRYSTAL SUNRISE cargo, estimated 1,796 metric tons of butane gas had leaked. Liquid butane has a high evaporation rate, leaked butane was drifting in southern direction away from Singapore, posing no risk.
ASTRO SATURN suffered portside bow damages, anchor is either damaged somehow, or lost. It may be assumed, that ASTRO SATURN struck CRYSTAL SUNRISE .

Aframax tanker ASTRO SATURN collided with LPG tanker CRYSTAL SUNRISE at around 0230 SGT (UTC +8) Apr 17 in Singapore Strait near Jurong Island, Singapore. ASTRO SATURN was proceeding in western direction, LPG tanker CRYSTAL SUNRISE was heading in opposite direction approaching Singapore, with cargo of LPG loaded in Qatar. After collision ASTRO SATURN was brought to anchor in Malaysian waters off Pulau Kukup island, understood tanker reached anchorage under own power. It is said, that the tanker has a cargo of fuel oil. LPG tanker CRYSTAL SUNRISEprobably was anchored for some time near collision site, she resumed moving in the morning, not clear under own power or under tow, as of 1350 UTC she was moving at slow speed in Singapore Strait.
No leak was reported, both ships, as of 1350 UTC, were said to sustain minor damages.

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