Livestock carrier in load with 43 crew disappeared after issuing distress signal

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5 December, 2021 0 Views


Livestock carrier GULF LIVESTOCK 1 issued distress signal at 0145 Tokyo time Sep 2 in East China sea, some 100 nm west of Amami Archipelago, part of the Ryukyu Islands southwest of Kyushu. The ship with 43 crew on board is en route from New Zealand to China, i.e. she should be carrying livestock. Patrol plane searched the area, but didn’t find the ship. Search continues, as of 1500 Tokyo time, Japan Coast Guard ship HAYATO was in the area. Last ship’s AIS position dated 1230 UTC Sep 1, ship adrift.
Crew includes 39 Filipino, 2 New Zealand, 1 Australian and 1 Singaporean nationalities.
The ship, judging from ship’s track and track of typhoon MAYSAK, may be caught in a center of typhoon and fall victim to its’ fury, with wind up to 130 kt in gusts.

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