Indian VLCC on fire near Oman, three missing

Dhaka Post Desk

বিশেষ প্রতিনিধি

1 February, 2023


VLCC DESH VAIBHAV reported fire on board at around 0900 LT Aug 14 northeast of Muscat, Oman, while en route from India to Fujairah UAE, so she’s in ballast. Four crew understood, panicked, jumped overboard and went missing, SAR under way with several merchant and Navy ships deployed. The ship’s status is Not Under Command, no other information available at the moment. As of 1300 UTC Aug 14 tanker was NUC, seemingly drifting in northern direction. Update: According to latest news, 3 crew are missing, 1 medevaced with burns. It is said, that that there was an explosion, which comes as no surprise, considering, that cargo tanks are empty – i.e. most probably gas in cargo tank or tanks exploded. Understood 3 missing crew didn’t jump overboard, but were thrown into water by explosion. SCI issued a statement saying that the fire in cargo tank has been subdued, salvage tug awaited to cool tanks.

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