Indian tanker alleged hit and run 3 dead 9 missing

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বিশেষ প্রতিনিধি

5 December, 2021 3 Views


Crude oil tanker DESH SHAKTI allegedly hit fishing boat with 14 fishermen off Kochi, southwest India coast, at around 0330 LT Aug 7, while en route from Chennai India to Al Basrah Iraq. Boat was severely damaged, at least 3 fishermen confirmed dead, 9 are missing. According to survivors statement, the ship didn’t stop after collision, and continued her sailing. Later tanker was identified by Indian Coast Guard as main suspect. Fishing boat crew were reportedly, “resting” at the time off collision, which took place early in the morning, i.e. they were sleeping. Most probably, tanker didn’t spot the boat because of its’ tiny size and wooden hull, which made boat invisible on radar and hard to spot visually.

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