Four crew badly injured by wave hit, hospitalized

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1 February, 2023


NSRI Port Elizabeth, South Africa, reported medevac of four crew of a bulk carrier, badly injured by a wave hit, when the ship was under way sailing off Port Edward, on Aug 6. Four injured Filipino seamen – 1 with critical injuries with fractures to the jaw, hip, clavicle and a suspected neck fracture, 1 with fractured Femur and hip, 1with fractured Tibia and 1 with injured head, were in need of immediate medical assistance. Bulk carrier turned to Port Elizabeth. Medevac attempt by NSRI boat on Port Elizabeth approaches in the morning Aug 7 failed, because of adverse weather, permission was granted to dock in Port Elizabeth. Injured seamen were taken to hospital, their condition serious but stable.
Bulk carrier wasn’t identified.

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