Ferry fire, around 900 passengers ready to be evacuated

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7 December, 2021 2 Views


Fire erupted in reportedly, car deck of ferry EL. VENZELOS with 875 passengers and 141 crew on board some 30 nm off Piraeus, early in the morning Aug 29. The ship was en route from Piraeus to Chania, but had to turn back and returned to Piraeus, where she was moored at around 0100 UTC Aug 29. Fire was said to be extinguished, vehicle caught fire, firefighting system was activated. Reportedly all passengers were gathered on lifeboat deck, and remain there, some sources say there’s no risk and no need for evacuation. Passengers already shared their ordeal via social nets, describing something of a panic. As of 0230 UTC it wasn’t yet known, if passengers are to be evacuated, or stay on board. Understood there’s no damage, only smoke and burn smell.

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