Disabled bulk carrier damaged historic mansion in Bosphorus, Turkey

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7 December, 2021 2 Views


Bulk carrier VITASPIRIT suffered steering failure while transiting Bosphorus, Istanbul, on Apr 7 in southern direction, en route from Kerch Strait Anchorage to Egypt. The ship went out of control and ran onto embankment, colliding with historic waterfront mansion in the Anadolu Hisarı area, eastern Bosphorus, inflicting serious damages to historic building. Bulk carrier dropped anchor after being disabled, and reportedly anchor dragged power cable. Anchor was freed, bulk carrier resumed moving, escorted by 3-4 tugs and SAR boats, seemingly under own power. It was said that the ship sustained slight damages, as of 1600 UTC VITASPIRIT was already in Marmara sea, most probably she’ll be anchored for survey and investigation.
AIS track didn’t show port of departure, looks like VITASPIRIT was loading or offloading cargo at Kerch Strait Anchorage, cargo was originated or destined for, Crimea.

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