Crew facing death penalty for allegedly, killing another crew

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20 October, 2021 2 Views


Ukrainian seaman Andrey Novickov, ex crew of Iranian cargo ship AREZOO , is facing death penalty in Iran for allegedly, killing another crew of Iranian nationality. Ukrainian sailor denies accusation and claims innocence, refusing confession.
In January 2017, when AREZOO was sailing in South China sea, Iranian sailor, who behaved himself rather strange and aggressive prior to his death, jumped overboard and wasn’t found – Andery was the only witness, and he was the one to raise alarm.
A month later Andrey and 6 other crew left the ship in Bandar Abbas, to fly home for vacation. Instead, he was arrested and accused in killing an Iranian citizen. Company’s lawyer pressed him to sign confession, promising in this case, a $3,000 fine and immediate extradition to Ukraine.
He strongly refused, and stayed in prison until September 2017 – while being in prison, he went through quite an ordeal, as other inmates were very hostile. He was bailed out with the help of Ukrainian Consulate, and until now, remains in Iran.
Ukrainian seamen community demands from Ukrainian President to intervene and help Andrey.

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