Coaster attacked, most of the crew kidnapped, Gulf of Guinea

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1 February, 2023


General cargo ship AM DELTA was attacked and boarded by pirates at around 0400 UTC Nov 16 in Gulf of Guinea some 160 nm west of Malabo, Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea. Reportedly, all but two crew were kidnapped, all of Guinean nationality. The ship is trading in regional waters since Nov 2019, between mostly ports of Cameroon and Ghana. The ship was adrift for some time, resumed moving in about two hours after attack, and as of 1210 UTC Nov 16, was under way at some 5 knots speed, understood heading towards her initial port of destination, Takoradi, Ghana.
Attacks and kidnapping of the crews manning ships, engaged in regional trade, is somewhat different story from piracy affecting international shipping and ships.

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