Asian Ports Dominate the New Container Terminal Performance Index

The Japanese port of Yokohama has been named the most efficient port globally in a recent index dominated by Asian ports.

The World Bank and IHS Markit have released a new global Container Port Performance Index (CPPI), which ranked Yokohama ahead of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Port and China’s Qingdao.

The Yokohama Port Corporation reports show that the port operated over 32,000 ships in 2019 with a total tonnage of approximately 300 million tonnes. Tank freight throughput at the port was 2.9 million TEU.

The index shows that Asian container ports take most of the top positions and have the most powerful impact on the world.

While Algeciras is the top European Port of Spain, it still comes 10th in the ranking. The Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico tops the Americas at the 25th position; In South Asia, Sri Lanka’s Colombo is 17th on the list.

Among North American ports, the Port of Halifax in Canada is the only one to make it to the top 50 on the list. The highest-ranking African port is Djibouti, at the 61st position.

The CPPI uniquely compares container port operations on a global scale to detect vulnerabilities and development prospects in container port terminals.

By measuring and standardizing for different ship sizes and container movements for every operation, the index ranked ports against various indicators, making the performance rating comparable around the world. It is dependent on total port hours per ship call, which is described as the time elapsed between when a ship arrives at a port and when it departs the berth after completing its cargo exchange.

“The construction of high-quality and productive container port infrastructure is a critical contributor to both emerging and developed countries to competitive, export-led growth strategies,” said Martin Humphreys, World Bank Lead Transport Economist said.

On one hand, top performers like Yokohama takes only 1.1 minutes on the average basis for loading or unloading a container during a normal port call, at African ports, the average for equivalent workloads is more than thrice the time a ship spends in Yokohama, at 3.6 minutes.

Over 4/5 of the world’s volume retail trade is shipped by ship with containers accounting for up to 35% of total shipments and over 60% of commercial value. This shows how important efficient working and management of ports is.

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