4.5 mil worth palm oil stolen by pirates, South China sea

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25 October, 2021 2 Views


Tug EVER PROSPER with barge EVER OMEGA on tow was attacked by pirates on Nov 22 in waters of Singkawang, northwest Borneo, Indonesia, South China sea. Barge with 3700 tons of palm oil, worth $4.5 million, was under tow from Bintulu, northern Borneo, Malayisa, to Penang island, Malaysia. There were 4 crew on tug and 6 on barge, all safe. Barge crew were taken to tug, pirates left with barge – by what means barge was towed off, is not known. On Nov 23 barge was found, cargo believed to be siphoned, all or part of it, also unknown.

Tug photo published by Borneo Post.

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