17 Filipino, Russian and Ukrainian sailors arrested in Venezuela

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18 October, 2021 16 Views


Venezuelan Prosecutor Office issued a statement on Oct 19, saying that 17 crew of tanker JOSE PROGRESS and 3 Venezuelans were arrested, as suspects in drug trafficking. Miraculously, previously claimed 147 kilos of cocaine shrank to 124 kilos. Arrested crew include 13 Filipinos: Filipinos Enrico Gómez, Elpidio Leones, Ibrahim Nodi, Rodney Insong, Derwing Oabel, Daryl Alveniz, Hans Villamor, Jan Amor, Charilie Mella, Anthony Sindagan, Néstor Molina, Constante Gano and Kendric Calanog; 3 Russians: Alexander Kravtson, Oleg Varkamov and Michael Marasigan; and 1 Ukrainian: Yuriy Trybusian. All are charged with drug trafficking and criminal complicity. The ship is also arrested.

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