1 crew killed, 20 jumped overboard fleeing violence on board.

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7 December, 2021 3 Views


A bloody drama is unfolding on Taiwanese longliner WEN PENG in Indian ocean in vicinity 09 30N 82 00E, SE of British Indian Ocean Territory, since early morning Feb 20. Taiwanese Captain of long liner sent distress message at around 0300 Taiwan time, reporting 1 Filipino crew going violent, attacking other crew with knife. One crew was killed, others nearby, who were on upper deck, jumped overboard. Crew consist of 24 people, including 10 Filipino, 11 Indonesian and 3 Taiwanese nationalities. It is said, that 20 people jumped overboard, while Captain locked himself on a bridge, Chief Engineer being also safe in engine room. All Taiwanese fishing vessels in the area got the message and are steaming to assist, Taiwanese National emergency services are on alert, finding ways to assist the crew and secure vessel.

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